Transporting carssports cars, classic cars, vintage cars and motorbikes with or without side car to and from destinations around the world.


We handle all types of vehicle, whether vintage or something newer

Need safe and secure transportation for your car or motorbike?

Is your classic car or motorbike heading to an exhibition?

Taking your vintage car to a car auction?

Car needs to go to a specialist?

We are experts at arranging transportation for cars and motorcycles, getting them from A to B around the world. Our extensive international network enables us to take care of all forms of classic vehicle cargo.

Thomas Guntofte
Line Manager

Mobile: +45 40 68 50 64

Henning Friis

Henning Fries
Port Captain / Sales

Mobile: +45 41 33 97 01

Lasse Krøyer Mikkelsen Export/X-Trade & Sales

Lasse Krøyer Mikkelsen
Export/X-Trade & Sales

Mobile: +45 41 94 60 95

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Your benefits with Niels Winther Classic Cars Transport

Niels Winther Classic Cars Transportation is a ‘one point of contact’ business. In other words, we take care of everything when it comes to your vehicle, once you have placed your order with us.

This benefits you in a number of ways:

  1. Your vehicle is looked after throughout the transportation chain, from A to B
  2. We sort out customs paperwork and clearance for you
  3. We guarantee insurance throughout the transportation process
  4. Your vehicle is inspected to check for any damage during transportation
  5. Approved insurance
  6. You benefit from our many years of experience in automotive transportation
  7. Use of our own dedicated car terminal at Esbjerg Havn (the port of Esbjerg)

Door-to-door delivery of your vehicle

Niels Winter Classic Cars Transport offers you a reliable door-to-door international delivery service.

We make sure that all practical arrangements are made for you.

From taking receipt of the key to your car or motorbike to when the vehicle reaches its intended destination, all you have to think about is where and when you would delivery to take place. The rest you can leave to us, your reliable partner.

We transport vehicles around the world

We handle your vehicle with ‘kid gloves’

Your car or motorcycle will be handled as if it were a new car. We take great care when carrying out our work, making sure that your valuable cargo reaches its destination at the agreed time, in the condition that you expect.

Classic cars and motorcycles are always transported under cover in a high-security deck on-board the vessel.

  • If your car or motorcycle is self-propelled, it will be driven on-board
  • If your car or motorcycle is not self-propelled, it will be taken on-board on a trailer
  • We ensure that your antique car is packed and unpacked ahead of any container transportation

If you will always get a personalised and reliable service from us.

Safety prioritised

We guarantee safety and security throughout carriage and make sure that everything is as it should be before, during and after we have received your order.

In other words, peace of mind for you, as you know that your car or motorcycle is going to reach its destination as agreed.

By choosing us, you benefit from our 25 years of experience in the shipping and transportation of valuable cars and motorcycles around the world. As a carrier, we know what it takes to transport vintage cars and what specific requirements need to be met to ensure suitable carriage.

We are passionate about transporting vehicles and take a very professional approach in this respect.

Transporting your car or motorcycle – a step-by-step guide

If your vehicle needs to be transported by lorry as well as ship, we make sure that a carrier picks up your car or motorcycle and that it gets driven on to the ship.

Below you will find one example of the steps that are taken to move your vehicle through the transport chain from A to B.

1. Your antique car is transported by a car carrier to a terminal at the port of loading

2. Your vehicle is taken on board the ship

3. The ship sets sail, possibly with a trans-shipment to another vessel, to reach its end destination

4. The ship arrives at the receiving terminal, with preparations made for the final leg of the journey to you

5. Car carrier heads off on its way to you

6. A final check takes place before the car and its keys are handed over

What does this cost?

The delivery service we offer for antique cars is both flexible and cost-effective. The prices for delivery are very competitive thanks to our optimised service.

The following examples should give you an idea of the price of our service:

POL: Esbjerg, Denmark
POD: Jacksonville, USA
Last: 1 x Used Cadillac Eldorado 1961
Incoterms: FAS / FAS (Free Alongside Ship)

The car must be self-driven, clean and in good working order

Ocean freight & charges:
(freight cost includes handling and customs clearance for export in Esbjerg, Denmark)

EUR 3000

POL: Esbjerg, Denmark
POD: Southampton, UK
Incoterms: FAS / FAS (Free Alongside Ship)

Ocean freight & Charges:
(freight cost includes handling and customs clearance for export in Esbjerg, Denmark)

EUR 515

NB: The prices are provided for guidance purposes only, due to the many factors that may affect the price.

Our exclusive, extensive and comprehensive network

Our renowned extensive, comprehensive, global network is a real asset.

Read on for more details.

We are agents for Grimaldi Lines – the largest RoRo shipping company in the world, which transports new cars from production facilities to dealerships around the world. Grimaldi Lines have more than 130 ships in their fleet.

We, along with Grimaldi Lines, are co-owners of Scandinavian Auto Logistics (SAL), which, being the only car terminal in Denmark, is naturally located in close proximity to the local port. SAL and its 18 employees handle and distribute 25% of all new cars imported into Denmark.

Our expertise and many years of experience in logistics, and more specifically supplying transport solutions for new cars directly from the factory to the dealership, make it easier for us to import and export cars and provide the right solution.

SAL welcomes and dispatches several car carriers on a daily basis, who distribute the cars throughout Denmark and in other countries.

Tracking your car

Please get in touch by email if you would like to know where your car is.
You can also contact us on Facebook, call us or send us your query using the contact form below.

Kristian Drewsen Høyer
X-Trade & Sales

Mobile: +45 27 87 32 75

Thomas Guntofte
Line Manager

Mobile: +45 40 68 50 64

Henning Friis

Henning Fries
Port Captain / Sales

Mobile: +45 41 33 97 01

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We find many names for the things we love, and vehicles are no different in this respect! We love our classic cars and motorcycles, luxury cars, old timer and young timer classic cars, classic sports cars, antique cars, antique motorcycles with or without a side car, vintage cars, vintage vehicles, antique vehicles, classic vehicles, and all the other names that are not listed here. 

We, of course, love to transport them all!