Vehicle information

Please be aware of the following requirements for shipping a vehicle.


Standard car: max 13 cbm / 1,7 m high
Small van max 18 cbm / 2,1 m high
Big van: max 28 cbm / 2,6 m high

We will check the measurements of your vehicle at the port of departure. If we find that the measurements differ from the type of vehicle specified on your pre-invoice, we will charge you for the type of vehicle confirmed at the port.


The weight of your vehicle will be checked at the port of departure. Please note that we do not accept vehicles that are overloaded. Only a maximum of 10% overload is permitted. If we find that a vehicle is overloaded, we will not ship the vehicle and will charge you for any extra costs.

Technical condition

Vehicles that are shipped must be in working condition. Hence, if engine, clutch, brakes or steering are not working, or if tyres are worn down, we will not accept your vehicle for shipment.

Other requirements

• Front seats must be kept free and clear of any goods

• Front seats must be kept free and clear of any goods
• If trunk (boot) and front seats are not separated, any goods in the trunk must be fastened, to make sure that no goods fall into the front seats while driving the van.

• Do not place any cargo or other items inside the driver’s cabin
• If the truck is carrying other vehicles as cargo, the truck will only be accepted if: 1) both axles of the vehicles carried are 100% within the loading platform of the truck. 2) the vehicles carried are secured in accordance with the rules of the port of departure.