Grimaldi Fleet: Rina certifies the improvement of its energy efficiency

Genoa/Naples, 12 May 2021

The latest generation of GG5G-class (Grimaldi Green 5th Generation) ro-ro vessels built for the Grimaldi Group has seven times better CO2 emission intensity performances than previous generation ships. This emerged from an in-depth study, validated by RINA (Registro Italiano Navale), relating to the calculation of the energy efficiency index of ro-ro ships belonging to different classes.

The assessment evaluated CO2 emissions in terms of kilograms per distance (nautical miles) and cargo capacity (trailers). The data were collected on specific ro-ro ships and on single vessels representing entire classes; these included the Aysha, Eurocargo Trieste, Eurocargo Valencia (Visentini class), Eurocargo Palermo (Hyundai class) and the most recently delivered Eco Livorno (GG5G class).

Specifically, the analysis showed that the index of the GG5G-class vessels – the latest generation ships in the Grimaldi fleet – are more than seven times better than those relating to the first generations of ro-ro vessels.

RINA and the Grimaldi Group continue to validate and explore innovative solutions for the reduction of emissions, as part of the energy transition process that the shipping world is implementing. According to the IMO objectives, in fact, by 2050 the total annual greenhouse gas emissions produced by maritime transport should decrease at least by 50%, compared to 2008 levels.

In particular, with the recent entry into service of the Eco Valencia, Eco Barcelona, Eco Livorno and Eco Savona – the first four of 12 hybrid ro-ro ships ordered from the Chinese Jinling shipyard – the Grimaldi Group confirms its continued commitment to investing in innovative technological solutions. These include the use of mega batteries installed on board and put into operation when GG5G-class ships are at berth, the Air Lubrication System (ALS) to reduce hull resistance, solar panels, peak shaving and Waste Heat Recovery.

Giosué Vezzuto, Executive Vice President Marine at RINA, commented: “The analysis performed is essential to ensure that the Grimaldi Group has constant control of the consumption and energy performance of his fleet. The goal is not only to comply with current international regulations, but also to progressively get closer to more environmentally sustainable parameters, thus contributing to decarbonization and the reduction of emissions, in order to respond to the ambitious ESG goals on which both RINA and the Grimaldi Group have been investing for a long time”.

“We are particularly satisfied with the validation carried out by RINA, because it proves the effectiveness of our choice to invest in this new generation of ro-ro ships”, said Emanuele Grimaldi, Managing Director of the Neapolitan Group. “This confirms that the GG5G-class ships, in addition to being the largest ro-ro vessels in the world for short-sea transport, are also by far the most environmentally sustainable ones”, concluded Emanuele Grimaldi.

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